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The Orïgin company transforms and promotes legumes and vegetable proteins,
for food professionals.

We only offer products that are 100% grown in France, ORGANIC and guaranteed GMO-free.

Our production plants are based solely in France to preserve our know-how and guarantee better traceability.

Our process is 100% French from seed to plate.


Reduction of isoflavones

the company ORIGIN, concerned about the health of consumers , now offers a unique transformation process capable of reducing by 89%
the levels of phyto-oestrogens initially contained in textured soy proteins.

phytoestrogens can have long-term harmful effects on the health of consumers ( ANSES study )

Our process makes it possible to offer finished products that meet ANSES’s recommendations as expressed in its EATi study of 201627.

Our values

Allow everyone to eat plant-based with greed and pleasure for a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet.

The healthy vegetable alternative that we offer promotes and supports French agriculture, to which we are attached.

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As with all of its current partners, Orïgin easily adapts to your needs and expectations. Our responsive team, based all over France, can support you in your plant project.

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